Arlen Specter: RINO in Chief

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    Unfortunately, there are far too many Democrats-in-Republican clothing who are more than ready to hijack the party at this vulnerable moment. Take, for instance, U.S. Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who has been described by the Associated Press as “the moderate conscience of Pennsylvania Republicans.”

    Old Arlen says it’s time for the GOP to embrace a “progressive” agenda which includes greater emphasis on health care in the U.S. Specter characterized the devastating GOP losses as a “seismic earthquake.” As a result, Specter says that the Republican Party needs to become “a lot more progressive and a lot less ideological.”

    With all due respect to the gentleman from Pennsylvania, that would be a blueprint for electoral disaster for the Republicans.

    Specter is a social liberal, readily accepting such travesties as abortion-on-demand. His wing of the party would like to see social conservatives disappear from the party’s ranks.

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