Arizona's Immigration Law Is Not Racist

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    Arizona's Immigration Law Is Not Racist
    The U.S. Latino Community, 2011

    What the Law Says

    To be racist, the law would have to specifically target one particular race of people. The law would have to specifically say that it is the intention of the legislature of Arizona for police to harass anyone of Latino heritage or brown skin.
    That's not what the law says. The law is directed at illegal immigrants. It's only by dint of geographic circumstance that almost 100 percent of the illegal immigrants in Arizona come from Mexico.

    If illegals in Arizona were Swedish or Mongolian, the law would apply to them.
    Why is this so hard to apprehend: Arizona is a border state with Mexico. It's heavily impacted by illegal immigration. There are nearly half a million illegal immigrants in a state with a relatively small population. They cause a problem for Arizona and Arizona wants to do something about that. I don't see anything in that line of reasoning that is racist. All of those things are legitimate concerns, are they not?
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