Argentine President admits more poverty to come announces price controls, higher taxes, smaller gov.

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    Having been told by The IMF that he must stop using their bailout funds to prop up his currency (which has been utterly futile), Argentine President Mauricio Macri addressed the troubled nation this morning to announce his plans to satisfy Christine Lagarde's demands in order to receive the next tranche of bailout cash sooner.


    One day sheep will actually start to se the global collapse going on, yet can't seem to see America is teetering right on the same threats.
    Sheep think nothing can happen to American, sheep think we should get rid of America and our ways. They prefer we turn into take your pick of falling Countries............

    Germany, Italy , France, S. Africa, Venezula, Mexico gawd what does it take to get through the heads of inodctrianted dumb a sses.

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