Are you all ignoring the Medicaid ruling?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by swizzlee, Jun 28, 2012.

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    If you are, you shouldn't.

    In addition to Justice Roberts firmly setting precedent by establishing the limits of the Commerce Clause by declaring the individual mandate as unconstitutional [you will never be forced to buy or eat spinach :eek: ], the court by their 7-2 ruling also declared it unconstitutional for the feds to threaten removal of existing state funds if that state wished to opt out of whatever stupidity the feds were trying to force on them.

    What that means is that the states cannot be forced to add millions more people to their Medicaid rolls eventually adding unknown additional financial burdens on the states.

    These are the people who currently can't afford insurance. If their state refuses to include them in Medicaid, they will then end up having to be totally subsidized by the fed who currently has no method in place to provide the funds to do so. So they will still end up in the emergency room.

    Considering that a large hunk of states are still in deep financial trouble, don't look for a lot of them to opt IN to the Medicaid expansion.

    The CBO has already announced they are working to analyze HC based on the new "tax" and Medicaid rulings. It will take a while. Doug Elmendorff was interviewed about the Medicaid situation and he gave a rough estimate that it would cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of additional cost.

    Judge Roberts gets a 10+ from me. He gave the O a "win." He gave the Pubs a "win." And he made it clear it was up to we, the people, and not the Supremes, who would be responsible for ridding ourselves of this law if we don't like it.

    And the Tea Party? Oh, yeah! We'll be hearing from them again - no question.

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