Are you a racist or a resentist???

Discussion in 'Race Relations/Racism' started by Dorkazoid_Jones, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Ya know if I hear one more person scream RACISM over something that is anything but racism I think I'm going to stab myself. Better yet, let me give out the appropriate word for the never ending mockery that is left wing speech. The appropriate word is RESENTIST. That's right. That's what I am. I am appalled and infuriated when I hear the word racist in inappropriate and ludicrous situations and so I resent it. In fact, the McCarthyite use of RACIST is it's own racism. That's why I call on lefties to end their racism toward dead white males -- and live one's if that's ok with them...

    When it's called racial profiling when a black guy can't get a cab, but affirmative action when a white guy can't get a job, I'm sorry that is counterproductive to all people. Furthermore, resentism goes beyond race to frothing feminists. When it's always the face of a guy on a poster about domestic violence when a lot of domestic violence is committed by women, but it's our 'men and women" in the military when only men serve in combat, I'm sorry that's phony exclusion and inclusion and is another source of resentism. Having said that, I hope the left continues this massively stupid hypocrisy so that no one wants to be associated with these seething demonizers of the evil white male and the larger JudeoChristian culture that is the underpinnings to our society...

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