CDZ Are the New Minesweeps just for Show?

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    The USN took the sweeps with fewest condemnations to sweep Haiphong, not a joke the Fidelity had been condemned three times as unseaworthy by the time I got on it. Across Charleston harbor was a brand new sweep that was never put in service, an iron ship with maritime concrete inner hull. And a friend of mine was put on a sweep about 8 years after I got out. By that time all bunks and head partitions had been ripped out to prevent anyone living on the ship. (There was a credible danger of the damn thing sinking tied to the dock if a large wake hit the ship. Five degree rolls were usual when the itty-bitty tourist boats went by in Charleston.)

    So the brass having been soundly shamed on the subject of mine warfare have built new sweeps but do they get to train on them, anyone know?
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    +1,107 a veteran with 4 years experience on the old 'diesel soaked toothpicks' ocean going minesweepers..I hear was dangerous duty...the last of the wooden ships.

    Those are all long gone...the new Avenger class Minesweepers are what's going on now....The US Navy -- Fact File: Mine Countermeasures Ships - MCM

    there were some glitches: U.S. Navy will hack $61million minesweeper ship to pieces to remove it from sensitive reef near Philippines | Daily Mail Online

    11 ships remain..they are active duty..and I'm sure training is ongoing. Mines are much different these days..they can be programmed to recognize the cavitation signatures of specific vessels..and then power up and act as sink said vessel.

    USS Fidelity


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