Are polls trustworthy???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BOBO, Oct 29, 2011.

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    I have always questioned polls. Polls seem to reflect what the particular pollster desires to hear. Both wording & target market seem to be the end results of polls. An example of "polls gone wrong" was the so called 'undeniable truth' that 08' GOP pres candidate Rudy Giuliani was the one & only pick for the GOP constituency. In the end Rudy could not garner enough constituency support to maintain even a modest rear echelon standing with the GOP constituency.
    New York GOPers would not even stand by Rudy, in fact they actually turned against him in force. In 2011 it was 1st Mitt Romney & Michele Bachmann making the polls in number, then Herman Cain, then Rick Perry, then again Herman Cain with Mitt Romney back in 1st place among the pollsters at a whopping 40% at current. I will say that Michele Bachmann did look strong in the opening round until Ron Paul upstaged her & she pulled out the gawd card in desperation... committing political suicide.
    My observations are as follows... Mitt Romney is not as popular with the GOP constituency as the polls currently indicate him to be. Rick Perry NEVER was popular with the current crop of the GOP constituency. I think that GOP candidate Herman Cain does have a strong following with the 'moderate' GOP constituency. I see Ron Paul currently more popular than polls indicate with both the GOP & independent constituency, plus Ron owns the Constitutional movement lock stock & barrel & has the rank & file military personnel in his pocket.
    Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, in MY opinion, is completely out of his element & not at all popular with the GOP let alone independent constituency. The rest of the 2012 GOP candidates seem to be along for the ride. Below is a link that includes the entire gamut of current GOP pres candidates...

    2012 Republican Presidential Candidates

    My current observations are as follows...

    Mitt Romney at 30%.

    Herman Cain at ABOUT 15% to 20%.

    Ron Paul at about 17%.

    The rest of the GOP field absorbs the remaining percentage. I could be wrong but so far the 'official' pollsters seem to be the ones that are flying all over the map with wild claims of this & that, that simply are proven through time to be unfounded expectations. How do you view my top three GOP candidate pick above???
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    Good question because on another poll our local news has been running. Cain at 25% Romney at 20% and third was at just above flush.

    Should the polls run a disclaimer of push poll?

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