Arab-Israeli conflict from nationalism to Islamization

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    After sixty years of Arab-Israeli conflict should stand on the ideological nature of the engine as it has initially by many pregnant women were motivated national (pan-Arab conflict is the engine) This is evident in the writings of Mohamed Hassanien structure for talking about the point of view of a conflict with the Israelis The vision of risk-Israeli Arab, of which (the mainland Strung Amos), a professor of political science lecture and write in Israel and the United States of America into the mainstream of Arab nationalism that is the danger before any Arab country was very important population and factories and fields, armies and arsenals of weapons

    Israel knows that there is no more powerful than an idea came time and tide began his

    The deal with a particular account is known that can be appreciated The dealings with the historical trend in which the accounts unknown

    On (during the father) and a former Israeli foreign minister says in his memoirs a (David Ben-Gore Lyon), a founder of Israel did not feel the actual Balanaqbad only in the period from the end of the fifties to the mid-sixties, where he was heading the national trend hurricane alter the map of the Middle East, where there Unity Between Egypt and Syria in 1958 ... when it signed the 1958 Iraqi revolution ... it started with the tripartite unity talks between Egypt, Syria and Iraq in April 1963, reaching the status of depression Bdavid Gore Ben Lyon to the extent that it wrote letters to the heads of a number of major countries, including Canadian and de Gaulle Show their concern for the future of Israel

    And Mohamed Hassanien structure that Henry Kissinger and former Secretary of State was one of those who saw the issue clearly and the depth and helped Aldhar provided access to other goal deficit on the rationale (the seriousness of the idea ... .. current historic movement) and tried to isolate it from Egypt has been successful Kissinger, where the pressure get rid of the idea .. .. Current historic movement and prevent Egypt from all of this to reflect the state borders and the potential can be calculated population education degree Energy
    Agricultural production and industrial average size of the degree of weaponization of armed forces

    Kissinger, realizing that if the idea of Egypt and the historical trend and it is will need to resolve the crisis in the Middle East if he could tend Egypt reflected the trend of Arab nationalism, he will find himself before the Egyptian state, including the rights and at the same time, the trend is the same source of danger Will suffer in the event of the loss reflected in the search for a replacement for the one hand, this current focus for many years in Cairo, to the extent that his name coupled with the other hand, there are no state or force in the Arab world is now ready to reflect this trend and this is what actually happened after the peace initiative and the holding of Egypt David Kamd El agreement with Israel that led to the fragmentation of the Arab ranks and division is reflected in the relocation of the headquarters of the Arab League from Egypt to Tunisia It was the Almnarj historic Arab-Israeli conflict and after that date has a great national trend at the official level, public and this also stems from factors Another trend that people still linked to a slave Bswalhm Nasser and other Arab leaders in addition to the refusal of the Islamic trend to the idea of nationalism coincided with the Istalh b (Islamic awakening) and the role of the Islamic Jihad movements than in Afghanistan against Alsofiati Union and the success of the Khomeini Revolution in 1979 which have had A positive impact on those movements and gave impetus came psychologically Islamic Jihad in Palestine and affected the Iranian model of Islamic resistance movement Hamas, which is the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon has helped some of the factors of growing Islamic trend, including the collision of the peace process despite all the arrogance of the Israeli concessions Arab Masahm in weakening the official Arab position

    The absence of international ally of the Arab and Palestinian side capable of a balance with cosmic forces and the Israeli occupation forces

    Lack of a unified Arab strategy and is binding on all Arab countries within the framework of dealing with the peace process and despite the Arab initiative for peace and come calling for a full withdrawal in return of full normalization, we find only Syria for example, considering the Turkish-brokered peace deal with Israel alone, as well as Fatah

    The retreat of the role of power and mass organizations, national and Arab nationalist, liberal and progressive wing of the Islamic organizations in favor of flying the banner of Islam is the solution

    A better insight into the driving concern of non-Arab Arab-Israeli conflict like the Iran-Iraq and the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in addition to some psychological factors and the local political scene in Palestine which led to a decline in popularity of the investigation of various Palestinian factions, which is an extension of the national trend from here emerged Istalh for the Islamization of the Arab-Israeli conflict The first time assumed a war between Israel and its neighbors purely religious character, the war between Israel by both Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon is a war nodal primarily the Israelis have recognized this fact and therefore good leadership, we find the size and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni warns of Islamization The conflict between Arabs and Israel, as the Palestinian and Lebanese provides a tremendous amount of faith and uncertainty fades, with the full impact of Israeli deterrence based on the tendency of the balance of military power in favor of the Israeli army and thus turn the conflict that Israel has tried hard to make Arab-Israeli conflict to become an Islamic struggle as a Jew Pay some of the major powers wary of the rise of the Islamists and replaced the requirement to demand political reform but resisting the entry of fundamentalist Hamas in the election and then won the decisive military carried out against Fatah and guide weapons to the interior and by Hezbollah in Lebanon in recent times and also to disarm Home to lose a lot of movements that hurt Jmahirithma in favor of the Israeli enemy conflict may lead to a new stage after the image has not been completed
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