AP Health Care Fact Exposes Business Unfriendly Romney / Ryan Brand!

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    1. When Romney and Rep. Ryan say that the Affordable Health Care Act is a job-killer, they mean that the ability to retire is anti-American, and bad for business: And evidence of what is wrong from the Stimulus!

    2. When Romney and Rep. Ryan say that the Affordable Health Care Act is a burden to business owners they mean that in August, that business owners will be getting rebates of their health care costs because of the Affordable Health Care Act. Any federal largesse that helps U. S. businesses have more is wrong: According to the Romney, Ryan Brand!

    3. When Romney and Rep. Ryan say that the Affordable Health Care Act will add actually trillions to the federal deficit, then not only are they probably inhaling, but even without any. . . .substance(?)!

    The Associated Press: FACT CHECK: On keeping your current health plan

    The Associated Press released a Health Care Fact Check which tends to show that the United States will soon enough be on the business prosperity, health care track, and as the actual outcome of the Affordable Health Care Act.

    Riot Commissions have noted for decades that lack of local neighborhood health care was overwhelmingly a contributing factor. Health Care may be a powerhouse employer, among the already prosperous. Mostly it never, "trickles down!" With the Affordable Health Care Act in place, then 'hoods and barrios easily will notice new business activity, all around. Orders will happen. Orders for equipment and technology to produce the orders will happen. Essentially, a redistribution of spending will help in promoting propserity, like would be expected from an arithmetic, Widespread Wealth Worldwide!

    All of that Escapes the attention of the Romney, Ryan brand which is business unfriendly, opposed to increased spending in all U. S. stores! The Romney, Rep. Ryan Brand is actually about the already prosperous, hoarding all the money, keeping all the money away from the market place. The "Hoarding," called "Austerity" is shown to be all wrong in health care and in economic policy! The Romney, Rep. Ryan, "Repeal" agenda helps expose all the flaws in what they regard as desirable health care, and even economic policy!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (One Wisconsin, One Wisconsin: Puke, Wretch, Vomit, And Heave!)
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