AP: Freed Hostage Tells of Humiliations

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    The greatest part:

    Religion doesn't play a part in this?
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    On that same vibe I'll throw in a little something that made me respect the hell out of one person, an Italian, who shall be in my own mind a hero amongst this conflict.


    That man died, a MAN.

    I think they are lying bastards. A full audio/video clip of the act itself, would show that in his last moments, a Western Infidel demonstrated the highest honor one could possibly achieve in the face of a senseless murder.

    The fact is, the man died proudly and without fear or shame. And based on that footage Al-Jazeera could never spin this to be anything but another senseless, barbaric murder they would normally sugar coat for their ignorant, Arab audience.

    The Islamic media dare not even pretend they are tastefull, after the plethora of prior images they've allowed to broadcast (Mutilation of dead bodies in Fallujah most recent among their images).

    The fact is, this Italian Man chose to face death with dignity, making this senseless killing all the more shamefull to the Islamists who claim to represent some higher morality.

    He died nonetheless, but his words and actions in the final moments ensured that such a video would only prove the barbarity of the movement behind these fanatics, a fact that Al-Jazeera desperately tries to conceal.

    So Fabrizio Quattrocchi, rest in peace, brave soul.

    Your final, proud defiance in the face of your brutal murder, ensured your death will not be forgotten, nor used as propaganda. You, sir, died with nobility.

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