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Discussion in 'Immigration/Illegal Immigration' started by infman4x, Jun 16, 2012.

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    honestly folks, we would be better off with anyone as president vs what we have now, this obama took an oath of office to protect and defend, uphold laws and the constitution, as well as look out for the best interests of the public, well so much for that,our country is in financial ruin, citizens are unemployed and whats he do for votes,makes his own rules and basically allows 800,000 young adults here illegally to basically have amnesty.
    now these illegals and their illegal relatives are destroying the us financally, theyre taking jobs away from citizens, whats wrong with this picture? they also get healthcare and financial assistance from us the working people, talk about sending the wrong message,gee come one come all, theres jobs theres money, theres education, the more kids the more money, when does the public have a say? at the poles, vote him out! he claims that the rich dont pay their fare share of taxes, thats a crock, they pay just like the working folks do, theyre taxed on the income they have, what he wants is their capital, thats wrong, what we need in america is more tax payers, theres too many freeloaders, illegals that dont pay into the system but they take out of the system, social security welfare, healthcare, etc. americans pay enough taxes, this guys policies if continued will make america a below average country, he said if he couldnt turn the country around in three years that he would be a one term president, it didnt happen and hes still running to continue his boondoggle ways that are costly and ineffective.
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    and he killed more terrorists in 2 years than bush did in 8

    of which hes done but idiots like you think him not doing what you want is u
    yep we can thank conservitives for that

    of which will reduc2e the deficit and expand the economy
    whats wrong is that you think the American economy being bigger and reducing th deficit equals destroying

    first you say immigrants are bad because they get/have jobs now you say they are bad because they dont work
    true if you think millionaires paying less taxes than poor people is fair
    having more immigrants means more taxpayers you retard

    illegals cant get social security or welfare and everyone gets free hear care

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