Anybody watching or watched colbert report 11/2

Discussion in 'Media' started by CT9, Nov 2, 2011.

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    This guy sucks... he is boring, and he isn't funny. So he had this guest on, btw he is basically cosigning his guest and reducing anybody who disagrees with them to the maximum amount of stupidity possible if you haven't caught on already.... that's his gimmick, it isn't funny it gets old. Jon Stewart, though I disagree with him, he is hilarious.... Colbert is boring and stale.

    So he has this guy on now talking about how they need to tax soda, and all this other bullshit. What is wrong with this country, more specifically my home state of NY? Why? I don't get it they buy into these retarded ideas like people who are fat won't be if you add 10 cents on to the price of soda, ban a certain kind of oil.

    The guy suggested that people don't eat at desks, and make certain times "meal times" and eat at tables. He was so condescending and it gets old, the whole I know what's better for yourself than you do. I'm in school, I don't have a table so it is eating at the desk or my bed.. but that's besides the point, at home I eat at the desk to because I don't feel like staring into nothing when I'm by myself. It's just absolutely retarded to suggest these as solutions to obesity in America...

    10 cents on a soda in manhattan or eating somewhere else.... It makes me feel like I'm in elementary school again. I think we all need to drink a nice glass of mind your own fucking business... Someone wants to eat, let them eat. To top it all of the reasoning was that we would need less doctors.... Seriously, no one in Colberts regular audience can catch on to this shit? I guess it makes sense considering that they think that garbage is actually news.

    On another note, South Park was hilarious tonight.
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