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    Town hall express in not really anti-government, but anti-Obama. Made up of Bushites. This is so obvious because they cannot logically and rationally explain why they are anti-government. Most of them are receiving government run services. Medicare, medicaid, veterans healthcare, mental institutions, unemployment compensation and education and law enforcement,etc, which cost but yet produces. Private HC in costing Americans and not producing. Senator Warner, from Virginia, who host one of the town hall meeting, shot down every idiotic complaints they had about healthcare.

    If government stayed out of their lives, they would not have lives. Our government is democracy in action.

    Where were these town hall meetings when Bush and his regime were spending taxpayers money into oblivion and massive corruptions, criminal acts and lies?

    These are the hog and corn raising, gun and bible toting, flag flying anti-everything but a lily white America. Racism is alive and well and no longer in the shadows under cover. They are the your next door neighbor, skinheads, Aryan nation, white supremists and they are running scared and are dangerous. An angry mob. They make racist remarks and wish Obama and his family were DEAD.

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