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    How do you stop government agents from violating the Constitution?

    Naturally, the police can make mistakes, but it’s always deliberate in Second Amendment violations:

    I cannot believe that everybody who took part in the operation thought their planned attack was constitutional. I’ll wager that everyone involved knew they were violating 1st Sgt. Matthew Corrigan’s Second Amendment Rights but went ahead anyway. In fact:

    I can just see a similar government official with the same mindset in charge at Waco when more than 80 men, women, and children were slaughtered:

    Part 1

    Waco CNN Live Coverage - Part 1 - YouTube

    Part 2

    Waco CNN Live Coverage - Part 2 - YouTube

    Part 3

    Waco CNN Live Coverage - Part 3 - YouTube

    Some reports said Hillary Clinton ordered the attack because the siege was embarrassing the Clintons in the early days of their administration. I don’t doubt it one bit. Today, she is secretary of state —— outraged over Syrians being slaughtered by their government. If truth be told she secretly admires Assad the same way one serial killer admires another.

    Not only is Clinton secretary of state, she is being touted for president! She won’t get the nomination without a lot of support from government employee unions and the MSM. Should she somehow become president the American people will finally know that a lot people in government want a butcher in charge.

    Returning to Sgt. Matthew Corrigan

    Put the Second Amendment aside in Corrigan’s case. Surely the cops knew about search warrants:

    MILLER: Breaking doors and the Constitution
    D.C. cops without a search warrant ransack veteran’s home in gun hunt
    By Emily Miller - The Washington Times

    MILLER: Breaking doors and the Constitution - Washington Times

    Answering my opening question, I’d say individual government agents on every level who knowingly violate a citizen’s constitutional Rights be held personally liable in lawsuits. The Waco Massacre shows that nobody in government will ever be held criminally liable by their own kind. Civil lawsuits against individuals as well as government entities is probably the best way to go.

    Finally, lawyers for plaintiffs will run into the Nazi Defense: I was only following orders. That should not apply in a civil suit. If a cop took part in an unconstitutional operation he or she pays the price. I’m not talking about complicated constitutional questions. Every cop in this country knows the basic Rights guaranteed in the original Bill of Rights; so they certainly know when they violate them. If they lack the guts to stand up to their superiors they are no better than those Nazis who blindly obeyed their superiors.
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