Another Town Hall Nutcase Doctor who-

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    - isn't a doctor, just a nut case and most likely a plant.

    Gateway Pundit: ANOTHER PHONY OBAMACARE DOCTOR-- Is Really a Far Left Nut ...Update: She's a Realtor- Never Practiced Medicine ...Update: Realtor's License Expired

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009
    Buck's Right may have found another phony protest doctor.

    I’m having trouble finding evidence that an ObamaCare supporter who spoke at Barney Frank’s town hall meeting last night, identified by the Associated Press and other media outlets as a Newton, MA doctor, actually is a doctor.

    Here’s what the Associated Press had to say.

    Others at Tuesday’s meeting were more supportive of reform.

    Dr. Sheila Leavitt, a physician from Newton, said she hoped for changes that would support primary care physicians who aren’t paid as much as specialists. She said some of the rowdy critics at Tuesday’s meeting appeared to be using the same “talking points” as those who showed up at similar meetings around the country.

    (This version CORRECTS Corrects spelling of ‘Leavitt’ sted “Levitt’ in last graf.)
    The only references to Sheila Leavitt as a medical doctor I can find on Google (besides references to last night’s town hall) are self-references; where she identifies herself that way. I could find no listing for a medical office belonging to Sheila Leavitt. Physicians generally have offices where they practice medicine.

    As far as I can tell, she is not listed as a licensed Physician at the Massachusetts State Medical Board web site. Several “Leavitts” are doctors in Massachusetts, but none are named “Sheila.” Just for kicks I tried the Associated Press’ original misspelling of the name, “Levitt,” and also found no “Sheila” as a licensed doctor.
    Kate at Small Dead Animals found this:

    Sheila Leavitt, who owns the protest car, shown here has been noticed by Margery Eagan of the Boston Herald who wrote:

    You could call Sheila Leavitt a nutty, annoying, unrelenting Newton leftie who home-schools the kids and raises chickens to share eggs with neighbors, not to eat. She is, of course, a vegetarian.

    I see her as one of those rare people who puts their convictions on parade, then faces uneasy consequences. Like the beefy, mad, middle-aged guy who followed her around the Esplanade yesterday, before dawn, tearing down her "Impeach Bush'' posters as fast as she put them up. Or the trucker she said rear-ended her at a Mass Pike toll booth, sending her head into the steering wheel of her '88 Toyota Corolla with bumper stickers saying ``War is barbaric'' and ``Support our troops . . . Draft Jenna and Barbara,'' as in Bush.

    How much easier, really, discretion? Or just waving the flag and sticking your popular ``Support the Troops'' yellow ribbon on the rear window.

    No one's going to rear-end you for that.

    Well, you should've seen Sheila Leavitt's in-your-face Toyota yesterday as this 54-year-old trained physician and mother of four in sundress and flip-flops did her ``one-person protest parade'' through the Back Bay and South End.
    Kate adds: The only thing I can't find is evidence of a practice.

    More... The Boston Globe reported in 2007 that Leavitt filters cooking oil in her basement to fuel her Volkswagen Beetle.
    -- A Sheila Leavitt protested Condi Rice in 2006.
    -- Sheila Leavitt is the founder of, an expired domain.

    --Any help on the Sheila Leavitt's background is appreciated.

    More... Granny adds:

    Massachusetts licenses every last danged thing. If you want to fix your neighbors porch you need a $150 license to do so.

    If the medical licensing board website does not list her as having a medical license, then she is NOT practicing medicine in the state of Massachusetts.

    We live in a society -
    "of the Government, by the Government, for the Government".
    We are now slaves to A GREEDY government.
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    no matter how they act or what they say, one thing stands sure, liberals are just fucking ignorant and stupid.

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