Another Take: Some Have Already Paid, Others Soon Will Pay Taxes

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    The ethnic cleansing of the Tax Rolls, largely ignored by the already prosperous Upper Income Republican Conservatives: Started in the original, "Reagan Trajectory." The 1986 Tax Reform raised and indexed the standard deduction and personal exemptions. The Reagan Trajectory mainly created a longer income scale--To Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Level Incomes. People in the lower and middle incomes didn't make that much progress. Ethnic-based youth gangs commenced shooting at one another.

    Others still paid, and others will soon sell their Facebook shares--After staring at the Obama posters on the ceilings starts to. . . wake up, in an manner of speaking!

    If We

    Still the acceleration of the tax filers with no liability has main been a phenomenon from the bottom up. There are rich people with no current federal income tax liability. That used to be the only escape--super astonishing mega-bucks.

    So anyone could argue that the current federal tax code in fact: Encourages ceiling staring and the expense of the retirements of the creating spouses.

    Given the planet that the creating spouses, made for the children: Then still others could call it "poetic justice." Jews remind people of the horror of Holocaust. The ordinary German still kept the money. The Jews remind no one of the horror of the recent Housing Holocaust, and generally keep the money.

    Who knew?

    "It's a-wunna-ful, a-wunna-ful: And makes time for a-wunnaful, accordian-a, polka music!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (On Lands of Many Nations: Old Chiefs and Medicine Shaman--happy to see the damned pier washed away! Rev. Jeremiah Wright likely major happy that the deity-damned pier washed away, torn down, never to be replaced!)

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