Another reason my Horizon BSBC of NJ healthcare costs rose by over $250mo

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    In My Opinion,

    Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey:

    This is the kind of BS people are sick and tired of, getting screwed by companies who's concerns are for what's good for THEM only, and not their clients. My rates have skyrocketed and the medicine co-pays which for a long while sat at $10 per prescription, now are predominantly $25 and $50!

    These sleeze bags yell tighten your belts, but what they really mean is anyone BUT them. They would have no problems, the way I see it, seeing us all in our graves rather than lower their opulent and greedy lifestyles.

    WHAT!! They are still trying to keep all the pie.
    Let's see losses of $946,000 last year, CEO Bonus $8.7 MILLION.....hmmmmm Seems he would see his own company go into the red and possibly his own employees getting laid off, as long as he GOT HIS.

    Blue Cross boss took home $8.7 million salary as premiums rose in '09 | | Courier-Post

    Are we all fed up with this kind of bullshit yet?
    Tired of politicians shielding these people?
    How much more of this outrageous ripoff will people tolerate?
    I have no problem with people making lots of reasonable profits, I do have a problem with those who demand outrageous profits at the expense of the health and welfare of others.

    'Profit for Blood' seems to be their business as with many others. When it involves something that is a necessity in order to live a meaningful and tolerable life without excess pain or suffering, this type of behavior should never be tolerated. They have us over a barrel and and WE continue to tolerate it.
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