another reason i dont support occupy wall street/san diego

Discussion in 'Politics' started by actsnoblemartin, Oct 30, 2011.

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    they put up a policeman's personal info, including where he lives on occupy san diego

    so i called the oakland police department, just to make sure they knew.

    the asshole's who put up the policeman's name is steve blunt

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    here is what i wrote under everyone on their page

    Occupy San Diego - Wall | Facebook under steve blunt

    Two things: what you are allowing steve blunt to do, with posting a law enforcements personal information is dangerous and irresponsible, and the fact admins havent taken it down is irresponsible, and shows your complicity. Second, nice to know dissent is not welcome here. Perhaps their are those who might have supported you if you had open a dialogue with them about what your goals are/hope to accomplish. Instead when I was down at the civic center, it was an angry mob, with some harassing the police, drug use, and mindless chants, with no attempt made to engage the people passing by other then to use useless rhetoric. Get your act together, and maybe you will be taken seriously by those of us that while sympathetic, think your going about it the wrong way.

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