Another Half Truth From Obama.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Charles_Main, Sep 8, 2011.

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    So Obama used tonight's speech to repeat the Liberal line that Warren Buffet Pays less taxes than his Secretary.

    Why is it he fails to point out that he is comparing Income Taxes to Capital Gains Taxes.

    Warren Buffet Used his money, Which he already paid Income Taxes on, to invest, and he pays Capital Gains taxes on the Return he gets. Same as Millions of Americans. The Money they invest and Realize Capital Gains on, was all income once, and they paid Income tax on it at that time. Now they are paying taxes on it again, as they invest and get a return.

    His Secretary is earning the Money for the first time, and paying taxes on it for the first time. If she has any Investments, and sees any return on those. She pays the Same Capital Gains rate Buffet does, and if Buffet took a job with a Salary tomorrow he would pay a higher Income tax rate than his Secretary does.

    Pretty cheap to slip dishonest, misleading Liberal Talking points into a so called Jobs speech.

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