Another Big. . . .For Obama! (Maybe With Mel Gibson On Board!)

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    So The President of the United States may have campaigned for Health Care reform, which appears to provide for preventive medicine screening with no co-payments--which everyone knows is Republican opposed. Obama-Biden likely had no clue that FInReg was remotely at all this. . . . .sexy!

    News Headlines

    So getting more into the New Deal, Democratic mode: There is now even financial regulation.

    Gridlock there is not!

    Including the Schedule M, refundable federal income tax credit: There is a lot in the first 18 months of Obama-Biden, with Pelosi-Reid delivering(?)--that easily will be said to have long-term impacts on the quality of life, and forward thinking economics, appaently already done!

    There is the first-ever, direct-funding, equal-amount-like COLA in U. S. History in Stimulus bill--which at least guts the state and local bureaucrats from further funding in year two. There is a National Heath Payments assurance plan (?) in place for those providers.
    There is even consumer credit, and insurance protection for consumers, at the federal level. There is also whatever the banks get.

    Wait until the newscasts get hold of it! None of this has probably happened: Especially on some news networks that anyone can think of!

    We could wait for the SAG version, but that has probably already made the news!

    "Crow: James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!)
    (Now many nations go to Writers Guild: Trade for new Non-Negro Dialect--like Vice-President speaks. . . .unless. . .!)

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