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Discussion in 'Race Relations/Racism' started by Liability, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Mansion in Ravi's Head

    This is one strange mofo place.

    You can (if you are a racist pig-dog and are so inclined) use racist epithets freely, but you can't write out the word "DA*RTH" (without the use of gimmicks).

    You can engage in call-out threads without getting sanctioned by a Modulator, but you can't post a photographic image of a 5 foot tall snow penis being kissed or licked by the woman standing next to it without getting the ban hammer. :lol:

    You can suggest that the whole place is nothing more than shit going down the toilet, but you can't (properly) mention the name of a nationally syndicated radio/tv commentator who runs another internet political message board. "VOLDEMORT!"

    Fuck it. Noobs come. Some go. Regulars stay, but sometimes leave. And in the end, the board goes on and on pretty much unchanged and unfazed.

    And I'll be damned if I give ExOhToxEe any rep for this shitty thread.

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