Angry Motorist Slams Car Into Cruiser

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    ** I thought about doing this myself a few times! HILARIOUS! **

    HAMPTON, Va. - "Police chase" took on a new meaning when a motorist angry about getting a speeding ticket decided to go after the officer who issued the citation, slamming her car into his cruiser several times.

    As a result, authorities have added a charge of felonious assault to Devikia Donise Garnett's misdemeanor speeding violation.

    "She turned a traffic summons into a felony charge," said police spokesman Jimmie Wideman.

    Garnett, 20, was pulled over for speeding Tuesday when Hampton officer Chip Raines clocked her going 51 mph in a 35 mph zone, police said. Raines pulled Garnett over, and she accepted and signed the $90 ticket without complaint.

    After Garnett pulled away, the officer got back in his cruiser to continue his shift. But as he turned onto a street, he saw Garnett's red Mazda speeding up behind him. Her car slammed into the back of his cruiser before he could react, Wideman said.

    "She must have tracked around the block to get behind him," Wideman said. "It was no coincidence."

    She accelerated again, rear-ending the police car three more times, Wideman said. Garnett made another run at Raines, but zoomed past after he pulled to the right side of the street.

    As Garnett maneuvered to hit him head-on, the officer struck her vehicle, pinning her car to the curb, Wideman said.

    "He should be commended on his restraint, because it could have come out a very different way," Wideman said.

    Garnett was being held without bond in the Hampton jail on a charge of felonious assault on a police officer. Wideman said there was no indication of drug or alcohol use on her part.

    Both Raines and Garnett complained of slight neck and back pain but neither needed medical treatment. The cruiser's bumper had minor damage. Garnett's car was impounded.
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    Does sound like something you would do Jim! :)

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