And here they go...the layoffs have started...

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    We were told it was bound to happen. Companies holding off on laying off workers to see who would win the election...Obama won, now these companies are laying off...

    How Many Companies Announced Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won A Second Term? | - has links to each news article for every company listed below.

    Daily Job Cuts - Layoff News , Job Layoffs 2012 / 2011 , Bankruptcy, Store closings, Business Economy News has even more companies listed.

    Energizer - 1,500 employees

    Westinghouse - 50 employees.

    Research in Motion Limited - laid off about 200 people

    Providence Journal - laid off 23 full-time workers Wednesday

    Hawker Beechcraft - 240 employees

    Boeing - 30% of their management staff

    CVPH Medical Center - handed pink slips to 17 employees

    US Cellular - 980 job cuts

    Momentive Performance Materials - 150 workers

    Rocketdyne - 100 employees

    Brake Parts - to lay off 75 workers starting in late December

    Vestas Wind Systems - reducing headcount by 3,000

    Husqvarna - plans to cut about 600 jobs

    Center for Hospice New York - 40 employees

    Bristol-Meyers - 480 layoffs

    OCE North America - will lay off 135

    Darden Restaurants - The company, which was among those who had received an Obamacare waiver in the past, is looking to limit workers to 28 hours per week. A full time employee that is required to have health insurance (lest the employer pay a fine) works 30 hours per week, as defined by the Obamacare law.

    West Ridge Mine - planning to close by 2014

    United Blood Services Gulf - will lay off approximately 10 percent of its workforce

    A layoff is tough enough for employees to deal with, imagine hearing the crushing news that your office is shutting down just before Thanksgiving and Christmas… Here are some of the business closings that were announced in just the past two days:

    Caterpillar Inc. will close its plant in Owatonna Minn.
    Mount Pleasant’s Albrecht Sentry Foods
    The Target store at Manassas Mall Va.
    Millennium Academy in Wake Forest NC
    Target Closing Kissimmee FL Location
    The Andover Gift Shop in Andover MA
    Grand Union Family Markets Closing Storrs Location CT
    Movie Scene Milford Location NH
    Update: TE Connectivity Closing Greensboro Plant – 620 Layoffs Expected
    Gomer’s Fried Chicken in South Kansas City
    Kmart in Homer Glen
    Fresh Market on Pine Street in Burlington
    AGC Glass North America to permanently close its Blue Ridge Plant in Kingsport Tenn.
    The Target store at Platte and Academy in Colorado Springs
    The Roses store on Reynold Road in Winston-Salem NC
    Meanders Kitchen losing its West Seattle location at 6032 California Ave
    Bost Harley-Davidson at 46th Avenue North and Delaware Ave. in West Nashville TN
    Townsend Booksellers in Oakland
    The Kmart store in Parkway Plaza off University Drive in Durham NC – 79 Jobs Lost

    Elections have consequences...these poor people are seeing those consequences first hand.
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    It looks like I'm going to start the first week with 4 separate companies firing a total of 150 employees as these businesses close and relocate.
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    The Dims won the election fair and square and fixing what ails our economy and whatnot is their task at hand. So good luck to them. Raise taxes, spend money, or whatever the hell else they think will work and we'll just see how it all turns out.

    Some of us have an idea how that's likely to be but the electorate has spoken and picked our path for us. What's coming might be an important learning lesson for some, but probably not for enough

    C'mon, everyone sing along....Que sera sera...

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