And Even More Stimulus, With More Stimulus!

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    So the federal Gulf Coast relief programming may likely be starting soon. BP has over 80,000 claims, and claims that 40,000 have been paid.

    Now Gulf State Senators have their own plans, Democrat initiated, Bi-Partisan supported! By compariosn, the Governor of Baton Rouge. . . .at least should maybe be encouraged to go out and buy some Aloha Shirts, for taking those long walks, along the beaches! Which parish store, will he go to to buy them: All of China, needs to wonder?!?

    Senators introduce tax relief bill for Gulf Coast - The Hill's On The Money

    And then there is whatever is to come from the Obama-Biden plan for a payments czar, and relief projects coordinator.

    Anyone might wonder how BP managed to get itself involved in the US elections, and so early on? Anyone might wonder just how extensively, the CIA was involved? Anyone notices that there is never an attorney, Jim Garrison around: To explain the conspiracy, to all assembled?

    Mainly, there is BP Stimulus money being spent, and now the Senate has a plan to help with the IRS problem. Then there is whatever will come of the Obama-Biden efforts. Soon it will be even closer to elections. Senator Scott Brown ven took home FinReg, probably noticing that actually: It really is major big print!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many thought Al Gore, major cigar store, "persona." Now many read and see that he too, know about stimulus!, in America!"
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