An open letter to the labor Unions of America

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    I’ve emailed this to a number of labor unions in New York and plan to mail it to many more as time permits; I post it here so as to invite feedback.

    Please support yourselves.

    It has been said that “the enemy of my enemy is my ally”, truer words were perhaps never
    spoken. After all, supporting ones enemies only invites betrayal, and turning ones back
    on a friend in need only encourages them to turn their backs on you in your desperate

    While the occupy wall street protesters may, on the surface, appear to be “going in all
    directions” and supporting a number of issues that you may not be inclined to support,
    there is no denying that their overriding focus and the primary reason for their protest
    is to oppose the corporate corruption of Washington.

    These are the same corporations who lobby endlessly and with ferocious venom to strip
    away your right to negotiate for fair wages, protect your jobs from needless downsizing
    (downsizing that only benefits Wall Street), and bribing politicians to oppose you, even
    when such opposition is not in the best interests of the United States of America. The
    fact is that while you may not agree with everything they say, the occupy Wall Street
    protesters are the enemy of your enemy.
    While I know that you have already lent tremendous support to the occupy Wall Street
    movement and that such support is far from free, I am humbly writing to ask you, or
    rather to plead with you, to support them one more time.

    As you may know, the occupy Wall Street protesters have had their propane heaters and
    camp stoves taken by the conservative mayor Bloomberg (citing minor fire code)just as a
    major cold spell has moved in, in an attempt to end the protest. And it could work.

    That kind of deep cold can have a tremendous psychological impact when one is exposed to
    it twenty four hours a day with no means to escape it for even a moment, or even cook hot
    food to provide some relief. This could, and most likely will wear down the protesters
    resolve until they simply cave in and walk away from the protest; however there are a few
    inexpensive items that may help them.
    If the protesters had DC to AC power converters such as these Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more

    Car batteries and chargers such as these

    Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more and these Sears: Online department store featuring appliances, tools, fitness equipment and more

    and electric heaters and camp stoves like these

    and these fire safe ceramic heaters

    Das/roadpro - 12V Direct Hookup Ceramic Heater/Fan - Portable Heaters - Camping World
    they would have the sources of heat and energy to weather the cold without violating any
    new York city fire codes.

    With the batteries and chargers, the protesters could charge the batteries in their
    apartments or where ever there’s A/C power, and swap out charged batteries for dead to
    have heat and hot food 24/7.
    Of course brand names aren’t important; all that’s important is that the inverters have
    the amperage capacity to run the stoves.

    As a concerned citizen who recognizes that the wall street corruption of Washington harm
    the country and therefore all its citizen’s, I implore you to help the protest as I
    myself would do if I had the monetary recourses to fly to new York and by them the
    necessary items myself.
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