An intrusion of matriarchal consciousness

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    An intrusion of matriarchal consciousness

    Abstract: It is argued that Western general consciousness, in parallel with an ongoing cultural dissolution, risks moving in a "matriarchal" direction. The phenomenon represents an inroad of matriarchal consciousness into patriarchal culture, with forbidding consequences, namely the formation of a neurotic culture at a lower level of consciousness. This is unacceptable in the face of the advanced challenges of the future. The distinctive character of a culture, in terms of its cultural and psychological advancement, is a very precious thing that can give the individual the right soil to grow in, while it will suit his inborn constitution. The painful questions of race and ethnicity can no longer be sidestepped. Historically, delirious racial elitism has been counterpoised by an equally unfounded homologous view of humanity. Guided by the latest findings in human genetics, it is high time to arrive at a balanced view of ethnic diversity.

    Keywords: race, matriarchal, patriarchal, heroic, psychic gradient, ethnic unconscious.

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    Mats Winther
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