An interview with President Trump

Discussion in 'Political Satire' started by rightwinger, Jul 12, 2017.

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    President Trump we are honored to have you
    Trump: Thank you

    Let me congratulate you on your victory
    Trump: It was a beautiful victory, largest victory since Reagan, my inauguration crowd was the biggest EVER, Believe me

    There are those who say your victory was influenced by the Russians
    Trump: Fake News

    Russia is acknowledged to have hacked the DNC server to help you win
    Trump: Nothing burger

    Your own people, including your own son, were found to have met with Russian agents
    Trump: Witch hunt

    You, yourself were offering to lift sanctions, recognize Crimea and you defended Putin's murders
    Trump: Crooked Hillary

    Special Prosecutor Mueller has been investigating all these contacts
    Trump: Bad man, very bad man

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