An Integrity Test for Tiger

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    On the final (playoff) hole of this year's Heritage at Hilton Head, Brian Davis called a penalty on himself that gave Furyk the tournament.

    Furyk was on the 18th in two. Davis pulled his second shot left of the green and it wound up in a sand and scrub waste area. His ball was lying on sand, but there were a lot of weeds and brush close to the ball. As he took his wedge back, it brushed a thin stem of brush, moving it. On the downswing, the clubhead never touched the stem. The ball ended up on the green. It was a long shot, but if Davis holed out his putt for a par, and Furyk two putted, the playoff would continue.

    Instead of walking onto the green, however, Davis beckoned to an official. It is a two stroke penalty for the club to move any type of loose impediment during the swing. If the stem that was moved was loose, the penalty would apply. There was a long consult. It developed that the stem had been loose. Two stroke penalty. Game over - Furyk wins.

    If Davis had not called the penalty on himself, no one would have known.

    It's one thing to do something like that during a normal round of golf. But when it means a tournament as important as The Heritage, that is quite a different matter. Talk about integritiy!

    Which brings me to my question: I wonder what Tiger Woods would have done in a similar situation?

    Think he would have called the penalty on himself? Or not?
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