An Argument for State Nullification

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    The right of nullification of laws has been used by individuals for over two hundred years whenever someone has found a law to be unconstitutional. When that happens a person has effectively nullified that law so the theory behind nullification already exists.

    This same power to nullify federal law also exist for states and within state borders because whatever powers not given to the federal government are reserved for the states. Those powers reserved for the states give them legal authority within their own borders regarding those powers but the federal government has all rights to enforce its seventeen powers across the land due to the supremacy clause.

    Any attempt for the federal government to enforce a law outside its own powers within any state is usurping a power reserved for the state and since the right to execute that power belongs to the states the states have the right to assert its own authority over its own borders by declaring that federal law null due to the fact only state governments have the right to enforce that law.

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