America's KGB is the IRS

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    PRUDEN: The big day for Swiss cheese, or the tax code - Washington Times

    The accountants who prepare millions of tax returns, however, hear something else. They see the IRS standing not on “the shoulders of those who have preceded us,” but on the necks of everyone else. “We’ve been instructed to show no mercy this year, to disallow everything,” says one IRS compliance officer. “It’s frightening.”

    Stung by the reluctance of Congress to raise taxes, the Obama administration has obviously set out to use the Internal Revenue Service to do the dirty deed. President Obama has big plans for expanding the federal government once he achieves “flexibility” after the November election. The coming schemes will cost money. Since Congress won’t cooperate and the Treasury is overdrawn at the Bank of China, the only solution is confiscation. There’s still standing room on the necks of taxpayers - even widows, orphans, the disabled and the infirm, some even sick unto death.

    The first group for IRS special handling is the military.

    Troops owe IRS $390 million

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