America’s greed for cheap labor coming back

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    “Immigration Reform” should be an offensive word to every American. Words like “illegal alien” “anchor baby” “sanctuary cities” “self deportation” “visa over-stayers” “immigration enforcement“ “border security” used by Republicans are offensive to Latino and Hispanic voters. 50,000 “anchor babies” come of voting age each year and they are offended when this words are attached to their parents and siblings who are in the country “illegally” and subject to “deportation.”
    How will “Immigration Reform” fix “illegal immigration?” Amnesty for everyone that has an “anchor baby” or “over stayed their visas” not convicted of a crime and able to avoid detection and deportation for 5 years. This is a slap in the face of those who have been waiting in line to enter this country legally and sends them the message that the only way to get here is by doing one of the above. The statutes of limitation on illegal immigration is only five years.
    Immigration Reform will still separate families because those families members who are convicted criminals or have criminal backgrounds will be deported. But who with a criminal background is going to come forward and say “here I am deport me” and who will be deported and not return the next day? Eventually they will serve their time and be released to their families.
    Then Immigration Reform will create yet another problem by uniting families in Mexico with families member here on their way to legalization. Chain Migration of millions who don’t know the language or the culture and in poverty.
    “Immigration Reform” should be an offensive word to every American. The idea of a “secured border” is offensive to Mexico, Latinos and Hispanics. A door without a lock is an open door. Illegal Aliens are now calling the shots in our politics. And Immigration Reform will not fix our illegal immigration and secure our borders because the idea is not legitimate reform.
    To Reform Immigration means to change The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1929.

    America’s greed for cheap labor is coming back to bite us.

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