Americans Want Tax Cuts

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    New polling shows a clear message - Americans want middle-class tax cuts as a priority over Obama's health care proposals, and see Obama as hurting the economy. 54% of those polled indicated tax cuts to be more important than new spending for health care - and only 34% were in favor of new health care spending over tax cuts.

    Of the total numbers 80% of Republicans and 62% of Independents wanted tax cuts over health care.

    These numbers are also bolstered by nearly 50% of Americans who now rate the US health care system as good or excellent - a number that has gone UP since the health care debate begun in earnest in recent months.

    Obama is also getting hit by 85% of Americans polled who don't feel Obama has actually cut taxes for 95% of Americans as he promised - this number is down 11 points from early June. 71% of those polled feel Obama's policies are responsible for driving up the deficit.

    Republicans in general are also enjoying growing support on the generic ballot - with more voters giving them the nod on how best to handle the economy, immigration, health care, and national defense over their democrat political counterparts. This trend also mirrors Obama's falling approval numbers, with 51% of those polled now indicating dissaproval of the president's job performance.

    54% Favor Middle Class Tax Cuts Over New Health Care Spending - Rasmussen Reports™
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