American’s civil right violated

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    by illegal aliens. With the economy like it is, millions of Americans are out of work, schools or over crowded, prison and legal system stressed, gang and drugs out of control and crime on the increase, welfare and low-income housing system drained, millions out of work and wages depressed, shortage of natural resources like water which will lead to shortage of food and Obama wants to add to the problem by bringing into the system 20 million illegal aliens and their families at the poverty level.

    With millions of Americans without healthcare he wants to add 30 million more to the system. Illegal aliens and their American born children have contributed tremendous to all of the above problems. Illegal aliens have bankrupt California and other states.

    Illegal immigration has changed the face of America. Hispanic diversity is taking over.
    Southwest is over run with Hispanic culture and influence. Too much diversity of any race is detrimental to diversity. As my brother who lives in Tucson, Arizona, “ Mexico has taken over the South west without firing a shot” and with it has come more poverty and more crime. Not only look in like Mexico but Mexico’s influence, culture and problem. My brother says Tucson and Phoenix has become a battle ground.

    And no one is listening or paying any attention. Do the American people have to raise their voices in the streets like civil right protesters did in the past because all our civil rights are being violated by 20 million illeagl aliens, aided and abetted by our government leaders at all levels of government.

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