American Revenge

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    Muslim society gave us the anti-establishmentarian work The Satanic Verses.

    What will American/Christian consumerism-society give us as a response to paparazzi films such as Celebrity, America's Sweethearts, and Money Monster?

    Would such 'consumerism-sarcasm' be considered as 'heretical' to American society as Rushdie's work was to Islamic fundamentalists?

    In other words, does the 'free-choice' associated with consumerism/shopping create more egalitarian liberties or mindless mob psychology?



    "An idealistic American D.A. named Harvey was hideously disfigured when a mafia hitman splashed corrosive acid on one half of his entire face and body. Harvey went insane and decided to become a vigilante and called himself 'Two-Face' (named after the DC Comics anti-hero). Two-Face believed in punishment and focused rage against the evil of the modern world. Two-Face was looking for a way to embrace the values of TrumpUSA but was convinced America was drowning in cheeseburgers and casino-tokens. Was Two-Face (Harvey) correct?"


    "Harvey started planting images of drawings/comic-art of female soldiers from the American paramilitary fantasy-adventure franchise G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (Hasbro) all over the White House lawn. He then sent an anonymous letter to the Washington Post in which he wrote, 'TrumpUSA cares nothing about what modern capitalism/consumerism means to housewives shopping at Wal-Mart'! Harvey (Two-Face) was immediately categorized as a 'dangerous radical and homegrown terrorist' and was marked by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations)."


    "A diligent FBI rookie-detective named Tom Cruise(!) was assigned to track down Two-Face (Harvey) and bring him to swift justice. Detective Cruise believed Two-Face was simply criminally-insane and went into a self-destructive rage after he was disfigured by the acid-accident involving the ghoulish mafia hitman he was trying to prosecute. Cruise scoured America, convinced Two-Face was going to city to city and do bizarre things, convinced that the best way to deliver home the message that America needed 'spiritual reform' was to do bizarre vigilantism-oriented 'deeds'. Cruise simply believed vigilantism was another 'face' of terrorism."


    "After Cruise received some press coverage for being the publicized idealistic FBI detective tracking Two-Face, a strange thing happened. Cruise received a bushel of Dick Tracy detective-comics in his mailbox from an anonymous person with the mail-name 'Thomas Nast.' Cruise realized 'Nast' was actually Two-Face using the name Thomas Nast as a reference to the provocative political cartoonist in U.S. history. Cruise concluded correctly that Two-Face considered Cruise a 'naive minion' of American bureaucracy and was convinced that Two-Face intended to do something truly horrible such as try to bomb the White House."


    "Well, such wild news stories rarely go unnoticed in the modern era, and indeed, ISIS terrorists started tracking Two-Face and Cruise as an intriguing 'cat-and-mouse' game indicative of the general 'farce' of civics in America and the yearning of everyday Americans to pursue real forms of justice in a country seemingly mismanaged and unpoliced by 'unbiased' social leaders. ISIS hated U.S. President Donald Trump whom they considered was simply a token-capitalist politician and a veiled 'celebrity-president' who would offer nothing to the world than another junk version of Reaganomics --- 'Trumponomics'! Did ISIS have an opportunity to strike at the heart of American lethargy?"


    "When Two-Face wrote another notice to the Washington Post, FBI Detective Cruise really started to worry. In this second notice, Two-Face wrote, 'I've been pouring through celebrity magazines and fashion ads looking for the ideal American female model or actress who will embody all the modern consumerism idealism TrumpUSA needs to reinstitute the gloried Statue of Liberty as a real symbol of capitalism and democracy. If I fail to find such a woman, let's just say that the Bible is correct in its prophecy that the mysterious and morally-dangerous 'Harlot of Babylon' will reign at the End of Days (described in the Book of Revelation) and turn men's hearts away from their homes and duties'."


    "When American movie superstar Tom Cruise(!) read this second notice of Two-Face, he realized that FBI Detective Tom Cruise (whose name he shared!) would draw undesirable attention because of this now highly-publicized case. Mr. Cruise wrote to President Trump and demanded more security measures be taken (as part of Homeland Security) to ensure that steps be taken so that radical deeds by self-proclaimed 'vigilantes' did not draw unwanted attention towards media-celebrities whom ISIS would target as vulnerable 'targets' of anti-capitalism 'hysteria-control' geared anti-consumerism terrorism. President Trump realized Cruise was perceptive and passed on recommendations towards FBI Detective Tom Cruise who immediately created tight security protocols around Cruise's mansion."


    "Two-Face was enraged when he discovered that there were tight security measures being taken to secure the mansion of American movie-star Tom Cruise. Two-Face intended to infiltrate Tom Cruise's Hollywood mansion and hold him as hostage for ransom, while FBI Detective Tom Cruise foolishly tracked Two-Face as potentially pursuing some deranged terrorist scheme directed at the White House(!). Two-Face wanted to make an 'example' out of an idolized/glorified movie-star, and now the FBI's tight security around Cruise's mansion made that impossible. Two-Face decided to send a comic-art portrait of a demonic female ventriloquist named She-Devil who represented the antithesis of that 'ideal fashion model priestess' Two-Face was seeking earlier for his 'idealistic pro-consumerism campaign.' She-Devil would be Two-Face's 'answer' to the reign/dominion of the Biblical Harlot of Babylon."


    "American film-maker Paul Thomas Anderson was so intrigued by this entire drama that he penned a special adapted allusory film about the Hindu god Shiva (master of destruction) descending on Earth to deal with a maniacal American 'copycat-killer' modelling himself after the iconic horror-film avatar Leatherface (the fictional chainsaw-wielding cannibal from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film-series). Anderson's film was titled Gods of Camera. It starred Daniel Craig as Lord Shiva and Hayden Christensen as the 'Leatherface-copycat'. The film was considered a work of genius, and even Two-Face was excited about it. Anderson said in an interview, 'Art can save humanity from stupidity'!"


    "Anderson hired a special comic book fan to make special little doodles of the DC Comics super-villain Riddler. This fan was Eddie George and he draw Riddler doodles paired with a fictional obese American psycho named Fat Man. Riddler and Fat Man drawings were circulated as a special 'media campaign' meant to draw national attention towards the obvious anti-consumerism culture omens alluded to by the special cat-and-mouse drama between Two-Face and FBI Detective Tom Cruise(!). Anderson stated, 'I think George's Riddler/Fat-Man doodles reveal a modern pedestrian fascination with 'anti-establishmentarian graffiti'!"


    "A CNN journalist named Christine decided to write a special editorial about this entire 'ordeal' in which she stated that modern era media schizophrenia was creating a dangerous sort of 'anti-establishment ooze.' Christine won the Pulitzer Prize for her journalistic work, and Two-Face decided to target her and make her his hostage-for-ransom. Two-Face kidnapped Christine and hid her in a warehouse in Washington and called the White House. Gears were turning..."


    "Fortunately, FBI Detective Tom Cruise managed to track down Two-Face and discovered the location of the warehouse where the insane vigilante was keeping Christine trapped as a hostage. Cruise rescued Christine and Two-Face was sent to Arkham Asylum (the nation's top center for the treatment of the criminally-insane). Detective Cruise was given a special Medal of Excellence by President Trump, but Cruise continued to wonder if American consumerism-culture was truly 'virtuous'."


    GOD: What do you make of this deranged media circus?
    SATAN: I think this whole Cruise-Harvey drama was intriguing...
    GOD: Well, it wasn't anything more 'intellectual' than Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid!
    SATAN: I'd say that Paul Thomas Anderson's film might draw attention to celebrity-issues.
    GOD: Isn't that what the George Clooney film Money Monster is all about?
    SATAN: It sure is, but you can never get enough of 'celebrity thrills.'
    GOD: Well, I think the fame-sardonic Woody Allen film Celebrity addresses that.
    SATAN: People are too 'hypnotized' by media-vanities to digest storytelling correctly.
    GOD: What about the Bible?
    SATAN: No one reads the Bible these days it seems; everyone watches movies.
    GOD: Maybe Anderson should make a movie about 'American heresy.'
    SATAN: I think that's what Anderson tried to do but himself was 'swept away.'
    GOD: In that case, perhaps the AntiChrist will arrive on Earth soon...
    SATAN: Who would think that 'magazine-imagination' would create pure anarchy.
    GOD: Never underestimate the power of cartoons...




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