American Policies About South Asia specially Afghanistan and Balochistan Province

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    America is the only one pole in the todays monopolar globe, and its policies has a great effect and influence on the world and on the destiny of the nations ..

    By the help of America the so called dictator Saddam hussain is removed and the KuRDS in Iraq got an upper hand in Iraq , Same the case with the Afghans in Afghanistan got freedom from the taliban regime..

    In the same geographiocal area another nation also exist by the name of "BALOCH" in the south of pakistan and the BALOCH nation is a nation by any defination of nation , and is struggling hard for their rights, and independence from the Federation of Pakistan since from the 1947 (the date of existence of pakistan).There is a history and a rich culture of Baloch , separate from that of Pakistani culture.

    I want to throw light on the miserable condition of the Baloch under the constant attacks by the Pakistan's Army and brutal killings of the Baloch common man in the torture cells of the Pakistan Intelligence agencies, the Nation is taking refuge on the own land and the plight of the refugees is much more miserable then the plight of foreign refugees came from Afghanistan.

    The constant military operation is continued in Balochistan Province against the Arm Wing of Baloch national freedom movement and in this operation the Pakistani army is attacking the villages of the local population in Balochistan ...

    this section of the is just for the awareness of the international political thinkers to take the case of Balochistan more seriously then as publicised by the Pakistani Media ...
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