American Dollars, Hypocrisy Rule Middle East

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    What's more likely to effect revolutionary change across the Middle East? Arab unity rising spontaneously from the Nile to the Euphrates or the collapse of the US dollar?

    Paul Craig Roberts, a former editor of the WSJ and Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, picks the latter.

    "Arab disunity has long been the means by which the Western countries have dominated the Middle East.

    "Without this disunity, Israel and the US could not abuse the Palestinians in the manner in which they have for decades, and without this disunity the US could not have invaded Iraq.

    "It is unlikely that the Arabs will suddenly unite themselves.

    "The collapse of the dollar is more likely.

    "Indeed, the policy of the US government to maximize both budget and trade deficits, and the policy of the Federal Reserve to monetize the budget deficit and the fraudulent paper assets of the large banks, have the dollar heading for demise.

    "As the supply of dollars grows, the value diminishes.

    "Perhaps the time is not far off when (Arab) rulers cease to sell out their peoples for American money."

    American Hypocrisy...

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