America is so fucked with Obama at the helm

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by CMike, May 21, 2010.

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    1) We got 9.9% unemployment

    2) The Dow went below 10,000

    3) Obama still insists on focusiing on micromanaging the economy, such as banking, which is making it nearly impossible for anyone to get credit, thereby keeping the economy in the tank

    4) N. Korea just torpedoed a S Korea warship, and Obama has made ZERO response

    5) In front of and with a foreign leader, Obama has been trashing an American state for dealing with their illegal immigration probelm

    6) In a terrible economy, Obama has been encouraging Americans not to go to Vegas, thereby hurting that city even more.

    7) Obama has been attacking Israel, a key ally in the US, and embracing Syria, a major state sponsor of terrorism, and other terrorist groups and states.

    The problem is that it's getting worse.

    Just when one thinks Obama can't do anything more damaging, reckless, and stupid, than he has already been doing, he just escalates his recklessness.

    Any hope for this country?

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