America Denies Relevance to Israeli Air Assault on Sudan

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    An official source stated that the CIA Director General David Petraeus has made an important telephone call with the Deputy Director-General of the Sudanese Intelligence and Security Salah El-Tayeb since the the Sudanese Director-General Gen. Mohamed Atta was at the Holy Land to perform the Hajj.

    According to Alintibaha newspaper the U.S. intelligence chief has sought to telephone the Sudanese side as soon as Sudan accused Israel and held it responsible for the attack on Yarmouk industrial compound, to explain the U.S. position and point of view for the attack. The U.S. official denied knowledge of the U.S of the preparations or to have helped Israel logistically for the assault.

    The source said that the U.S. official was careful to inform the Sudanese side the message that there is a U.S. concern over security and safety of American nationals even diplomats or others in Sudan, and ensure they would not be subjected to any potential risks by reactions of popular anger against the Israeli bombing linking this to American protection to Israel.

    The source said that Salah had explained to the U.S. official the Sudanese position and assured him of the principled position and moral of Sudan and assume responsibility for the protection of foreign nationals, including Americans, but he said very clearly to the Director of the (CIA) that America and despite denials, but can pressure on and prevent Israel from reckless actions, because America is a Great state with international influence that provide security cover, diplomatic and military protection for Israel, and provide them with military equipment, advanced aircraft and bombs, making them behave as if stuck international law in her hand and make the security of the area at risk.

    Furthermore the source commented on the American call saying: The credibility of the United States in this case denied responsibility or relevance of assault will be at stake, through their positions in the Security Council, and the complaint filed by Sudan against Israel at the United Nations.

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