Amazon IQ: The Great Tribulation

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    Does the 'American Republic' make you feel optimistic about socialization (e.g., capitalism propaganda)?

    This yarn was inspired by Edge of Tomorrow.


    Agents of great social mobilization in modern civilization were postured as neo-ninjas. It was the Ninja Generation of NASDAQ/NYSE and OPEC. The two 'deities' of American paramilitary intelligence were Jinx (a woman of great assassin-like infiltration acumen) and Storm-Shadow (a lethal assassin with an eye for controlling mischief). Jinx and Storm-Shadow came up through the ranks together from West Point to Yale to the CIA to the NSA to the Navy SEALs to finally the new secret American paramilitary team of democracy-defending operatives known as 'Cobra.' However, Jinx and Storm-Shadow did not see eye-to-eye regarding all the details of modern capitalism defense.

    JINX: Modern capitalism is access-based.
    STORM-SHADOW: That's why we celebrate
    JINX: Yes, grid-points of the neo-market symbolize speed-limits.

    STORM-SHADOW: Capitalism is 'controlled' (e.g., Napster, Enron).
    JINX: Crime-fighting storytelling (e.g., Captain America) is popular.
    STORM-SHADOW: Americans resist the Orwellian immersion into the Internet.
    JINX: So there's a 'street-justice' folklore spiritual-backlash?
    STORM-SHADOW: Yes, such as RoboCop and The Equalizer.
    JINX: Are you a fan of video-games?
    STORM-SHADOW: The Gears of War and Mortal Kombat series hype graphic violence.
    JINX: Do you think the MTV Generation endures a "Great Tribulation" (religion)?
    STORM-SHADOW: The new gens (e.g., MTV/Gen-X/Napster) love drama...
    JINX: Movies such as Fight Club and The Purge: Anarchy highlight vigilantism.
    STORM-SHADOW: Maybe vigilantism is the new 'political espionage' village-lore.
    JINX: Yes, modern networking creates spotlights on 'micro-management aesthetics.'
    STORM-SHADOW: People love NYPD Blue and The West Wing (TV).
    JINX: Maybe cyber-highways will alter human consciousness regarding speed and fragility.
    STORM-SHADOW: If you don't defend, you don't defend democracy.
    JINX: Let's agree to disagree about the 'quality' of capitalism's high-brow intelligence.
    STORM-SHADOW: Yes, you prefer Microsoft praise, while I prefer IBM criticism.

    After they concluded their field-training course interrupting philosophical discussion, the wily Jinx and the cool Storm-Shadow realized that endorsing modern capitalism 'labyrinths' requires a good deal of socialization appreciation. You can't say things like, "I think eTrade is boring..." lest you be considered a 'heretic.' Jinx and Storm-Shadow next hypothesized that the fundamentalist terrorist group ISIS was working with the American underground serial-killer cult known as 'Black Mask' regarding a plot to destroy the White House (the residence of the U.S. President --- currently Donald Trump, a former-capitalism-baron). Jinx and Storm-Shadow didn't know that the leader of Black Mask (an airline pilot named Stan) was negotiation with an ISIS diplomat (an Iranian explosives-expert named Ali) about selecting symbolic anti-capitalism targets to strike on the U.S. homeland. The Apocalypse was near...

    STAN: Capitalism is wonderful for piracy...
    ALI: Let's treat this like a revolution.
    STAN: I can deal with American intelligence.
    ALI: However, American culture is intolerable.
    STAN: Let's select therefore ideal targets for terrorism.
    ALI: Alright; I'll start; how about the U.S. Mint and Niagara Falls?
    STAN: Aha. Two targets of great social imagination...
    ALI: What about you? You select at least two.
    STAN: Alright; how about London Bridge and Disney World?
    ALI: So you selected a European target to complement an American park/resort?
    STAN: Precisely; one European 'distraction' could only help our cause.
    ALI: What if all this terrorism sentiment can be harnessed into online chat-room energy?
    STAN: You mean convert anti-governance passions into Net-highway energy rhetoric?
    ALI: Precisely; after all is said and done, 'nerdy' movies such as WarGames reveal IQ.
    STAN: I see what you mean; since modernism is brainy, nerds are diplomats (not slaves).
    ALI: That's right; this is a species-wide revolution and all groups are 'invited.'
    STAN: Sounds like the Apocalypse...
    ALI: Choose your targets and then polish your brass.
    STAN: Let's kill Jinx and Storm-Shadow.
    ALI: True love is our enemy.

    As Jinx and Storm-Shadow became new targets because of their patriotic fervor, the Trump Administration communicated with the CIA and the NSA and reinforced the notion that D.C. politicians/leaders were committed to cyber-management concerns. The Internet-hacker was a new kind of terrorist, and cyber-intrigue reflected commercial traffic sanity/reliability, so no one wanted to see a Wall Street crippling Internet super-virus generated by terrorists. The Apocalypse would be cyber. The AntiChrist was perhaps a movie-star making movies about cultural anarchy omens (e.g., The Wolf of Wall Street). Would Jinx and Storm-Shadow be able to work together to fight vanity?


    {Jinx & Storm-Shadow}

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