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    I heard a political parrody song today on the radio, and when I got home and tried to look it up on line, it is no where to be found on the net. However it was on the net, because people have links set up in which they had the video and the song at these links, but it said that the user had taken it down once navigated to them. Then also there was these google searches all over the place for the song and video by people, but it was no where to be found by them either in their search. Then there were people who wanted to know why the song had been removed from the internet, but they had gotten no responses to these request by annyone who would know. Poof and gone it went, but how and why so fast ya think ?

    OK now let me get this straight, you mean to tell me that a flippin song can be taken down off of the internet in this way, and in a skinny minute, but bad illegal pornography as in beastiality and/or etc. can't be figured out upon how to get it off of the internet as of yesterday or even to remove terrorist activity, illegal gambling, prostitution and the sort from the internet as of yesterday ? This goes to show that anything that someone really wants taken down, can be taken down in a heart beat, so is it that many things are left up for bad reasoning by the federal government/FBI, and if so why ? To leave anything bad up for even a second is traggic in my opinion, but the bad is up and the good is gone, so don't this nation have it all backwards these days ?
    The song was called "Votin for the Whiteboy", by acks Ike from the John Boy and Billy Show in the style of "Play that Funky Music Whiteboy, by (KC and the Sunshine Band)?..It was hilarious!
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