Amateur President. Professional A-Hole.

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    Bill Clinton called Hussein an amateur. To be fair he denies it.

    In Beltway circles, an amateur is more contemptible than an asshole. In Washington, assholes have plenty of company, while amateurs are viewed as clumsy pickpockets who give thievery a bad name.

    A story in the NY post says:

    I don’t doubt Bubba said it. Believing Hillary’s reported response is a bit more difficult:

    Bill was having none of it:

    If anything, Hillary was talking about the appearance of loyalty.

    This next one indicates Hillary is hitting the sauce a little harder than is good for her:

    A footnote? A full volume is needed to detail her involvement in foreign policy fiascos. Just what makes her think her stint as secretary of state can be separated from Hussein’s disasters? Her comment reads like she stood alone as a beacon of wise governance in an Administration gone mad, while Hussein alone deserves the blame for every mistake.

    Obviously, Hillary cannot see that this Administration’s policy mistakes will come to fruition in the years after 2016:

    Hillary has the option to be sure, but to exercise that option she has to believe that Romney is going to be a one term president if she thinks 2016 is her year. And that’s assuming she gets the nomination.

    She also has to believe that everybody will forget there is not an atom separating her from Hussein in policy and ideology. Democrats repeatedly pointed that out in 2008. Romney’s campaign has only to say “Obama returns.” and she’s toast. Tie her to Hussein’s failed Administration and the extreme Left is the only votes she can count on.

    Come 2016, NOBODY except far Left liberals, media mouths, and feminazis will want Hillary Clinton for anything. Oh, I almost forgot the International community. They will always embrace her.

    Moving on

    Bill O’Reilly jumped to Hussein’s defense when Jon Lovitz called Hussein a F — ing asshole. O’Reilly pontificated that the office should be respected by respecting the officeholder.

    Two days ago O’Reilly penned a nice little tribute to the Beach Boys:

    Still Making Waves
    By Bill O'Reilly for
    Thursday, May 10, 2012

    Bill O'Reilly: Bill's Column - Still Making Waves

    Surely, the god of all things great and small sent a message to O’Reilly and all like him when Beach Boy, Bruce Johnston, called Hussein a Socialist Asshole:

    Beach Boys Singer
    'Obama's a Socialist A-Hole'

    Beach Boys Singer Bruce Johnston -- 'Obama's a Socialist A-Hole' |


    Finally, I’d want to add my tribute to O’Reilly’s with this video of the Beach Boys when they were young:

    [ame=]Beach Boys - Surfin Usa (Live, 14 March 1964) - YouTube[/ame]
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