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    OK. Everybody likes a funny news story - even if it isn't true. Let's see who can drum up the funniest news story that would be a hoot if it was indeed true. Anything goes with your imaginations. Santa is bound to pay a visit to the winner of the fake news story contest. Here's my entry:

    Snowshoe, Alaska - Sarah Palin has done it again! Sarah was at a book signing in Frostproof, Florida and had no idea before the day was over she would be hailed as a hero. After the book signing was over Sarah Palin boarded a flight from Miami to Fairbanks. While flying over Western Canada problems surfaced with the Airbus she was flying on. For some strange reason both the pilot and the co-pilot slipped into a coma leaving nobody to fly the plane. As the doomed plane began to spiral out of control heading quickly to the frozen ground of Canada, Sarah Palin quickly got out of her seat and made her way to the control cabin of the plane and shoved the pilot out of his seat and grabbed the controls. Seeing that the plane was going to crash regardless of her efforts to restart the engines, Sarah leveled the plane out and glided it safely to the ground. All 17 passengers aboard the plane and the flight crew were saved by her quick thinking and foresight. When questioned about the incident, Sarah stated that she was never doubtful of a positive outcome with the plane. Her biggest worry was the plane sliding into a herd of moose she spotted after she had set the plane down safely on the frozen tundra. I was able to open the window and cause the herd of moose to scatter by sticking my head out and giving moose mating calls as the plane neared them. Moose are very intelligent animals. They knew that mating season was not until April and this was only December. They scattered quickly because they knew the mating calls were only a trick often used by Canadians when they hunt moose. Not only was Sarah praised as a hero by the airline company, the passengers, and the nation in general, she was also greatly appreciated by the herd of moose.

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