ALL VVIP movement in PAKISTAN should through by Mercedes-Benz of Helicopters

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    ALL VVIP movement in PAKISTAN should through by Mercedes-Benz of Helicopters

    I want to share my opinion usually I saw traffic jammed due to VVIP movement in city of Karachi which is mini Pakistan. When our VVIP (President, Prime Minister or Foreign Guest) a huge protocol and police officials behind them in order to give protection from any terrorists’ activities.

    I give suggestion VVIP personal should travel only MERCEDERS-BNZ Helicopters WHICH cost is Euro €6 million (or approximately U. S.$ 8.5 million). In our Pak Rupees it is around 72 Cores. WHICH saves precious time, General public never suffers. No doubt burden for Government for making a huge investment for only VVIP movement which is also important to protect them from any sort of terrorists’ attack.

    Understand this which is not an ordinary helicopter which everyone can buy. It is unique achievement and development by a European rotary-winged Aircraft Company has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to outfit its twin-engine utility helicopter for business-luxury transport. No harm if Pakistan Government use for VVIP movement.

    In last I sincerely dream to sit in Mercedes-Benz of Helicopters if those who are management of company if heard my voice by any source or channel than give me an official invitation to visit Germany and give me a free ride of very expensive Helicopter.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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