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    Thanksgiving apparently involves a turkey din-ner and then Black Friday buying, but the discerning among us knows the true purpose is watching the Packers take on the Lions. For smartphone customers, there are purchasing apps that will help shave a bit off the bill.

    Get the shopping done

    Early Black Friday shop-ping should be anticipated this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Black Midnight” will be taking place this year.

    On Black Friday, purchasing will start at mid-night at Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s and Macy’s. Smartphones will make a large difference this year as they're what shoppers are looking for. You are able to find the best deals with many apps.

    Use the bar code

    One of the most common types of buying app comes equipped with scanning software, which will enable a phone to scan bar codes and other types of codes.

    RedLaser, as reported by, will scan bar codes and alert the user to where that item is cheapest. It could be discovered on the iPhone. It is also available for the Android devices. Customers can pay for and select up items with online payment through PayPal, according to USA Today, with the latest version. RedLaser, which is made by eBay, isn’t supported by all retailers, so check with a retailer before getting.

    CNBC reports that another app like this is called ShopSavvy. It will display costs after you scan the bar code also. Promotional offers and coupons will follow after that. ShopSavvy, according to the Shop-Savvy site, is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

    Bar codes and QC codes can’t be scanned with apps such as SnapTell. Instead, they have to take images of them.

    Amazon’s Price Check Application and Google Shopper, as reported by CNBC, integrate voice search. The name of the product will be spoken. Then, the phone will search for costs. Scanning and picture functions are on both applications also. Amazon Price Check isn’t available everywhere. Only the iPhone and iPad have access to that type of access. Android and iPhone both have ac-cess to Google Shopper.

    Finding the best deals

    It is easy to conserve cash with other apps. They simply show the best deals you are able to discover. According to CNBC, there is an application called TGI Black Friday for iPhone and Android. This shows the best prices and deals after compiling Black Friday ads.

    Coupon and price comparison site has an app for the iPhone called Black Friday Deal Finder, as reported by PRWeb.

    Get the best coupons

    CouponSherpa will discover coupons for items in the store where the user is located using loca-tion software, as reported by SavingAdvice. The mobile coupon app will bring up the coupon bar code on the phone’s screen for cashiers to scan or manually enter the coupon code.

    Comparable applications, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, include MobiQpons and Yowza.

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    Of all of the things in this world that I might undertake one day, shopping on Black Friday - or its eve nowadays - definitely isn't one of them. Now or forever.

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