"All ABorrrrd, The Reagan Trajectory!" aka No (Minorities?) Intended!

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    So In our Post-Nobel, Spirit of Economic Cooperation Worldwide, the Mutual Fund Inflows Are Back, sayeth Morningstar!

    Morningstar: Mutual fund assets surge in 3Q, but American Funds still saw outflows - Investment News

    Down at the bottom, anyone finds that inflows Q3 into stock funds was in the plus at $741.0 mil., and into international stock funds at $17.0 bil. Money-Market funds experienced withdrawals of $188.2 bil.

    And so as history repeats itself, even once again--and after Bush-Bush--the announced, intended outcome of the Obama White House, all families and staffers; and all bureaucrats, all families and staffers; and all teachers, all families and staffers; and likely all investors, all families and staffers: Will soon be at a concert or theater near where you are, and even real soon!

    Colored Shoe laces will be back, too! Hollywood can spot a buck just asfast, and as easily, as can Move-On-Dot-Org: Coincidentally! Hollywood can even spot a lot of them: And from far, far away!

    The Dow Index makers can even spot them! It isn't even called the Twenty Mule Team anymore, since Obama re-named it.

    It's even called, "cooperation," and at the Nobel level.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And finally getting past, "Now we're past all that:" Is somehow apropos to so-state! The more normal sense of cooperation, in fact, can be found in an abstract of a criminology study, "Towards an Epidemiology of violence among Gang Youth in Los Angeles." Three geographical areas were studied. These likely included, Bevery Hills(?), Brentwood(?), and Bel-Air(?), if any adults were at all involved, at all in the industry. The children had to learn something, from somewhere!

    "Research indicates that, compared their non-gang peers, gang youth are likely to be both perpetrators and victims of violence. This presentation offers frequencies, initiations, contexts (motivation, environment), and the self reported negative health outcomes of various incidents of violence in the lives of gang youth. Towards this end, the presentation moves towards an epidemiology of violence amongst such youth. Data presented are based on in-depth interviews with 60 gang youth from three general geographic areas in Los Angeles collected between 2006 and 2007. Incidents of violence examined include individual fighting, collective fighting, surprise collective attacks (‘jumping’), robbery, homicide and related offences, and experiences using weapons. Additional topics examined include family and personal values towards violence, access to guns, socio-economic status, and history of gang activity. Preliminary findings indicate that gang youth had extensive histories of violence, both as perpetrators and victims, the majority of which may be considered ‘gang related’ to the extent that it was either directed at or coming from ‘rival’ gang members. Negative health outcomes related to incidents of violence were extensive and included wounds from firearms, knives, blunt instruments, and being kicked and punched.")
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