Alif The Unseen, an Islamic novel by G Willow Wilson

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    I just recently read this novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a fantasy in which some paranormal creatures (the "jinn") play a big part, but it also seems like a window into Islamic culture that is so much more informative than arguments about current events or about theology.

    Has anyone else read this book? The story is closely related to the Arab Spring phenomenon in the beginning, when all these naive youngsters thought that they could accomplish a real revolution via the internet and our own political media fanned their confidence, exploited their youthful dreams, until the reality of political ugliness of civil war has emerged from the chaos.

    "Alif the Unseen" ends before all the ugliness that we see IRL ("in real life") emerges but shows the tipping point where the sheltered youth come face-to-face with real civil collapse. The characters show us a side of the roles of women and wearing the veil that we do not usually see in Western literature.

    It is actually a real fun read, I am sorry that I am sounding pedantic here, making it too heavy. :eusa_eh:

    I'm told G Willow Wilson usually writes (draws) graphic novels and this is one of a few written ones she has done. I am going to try to find some of the graphic novels. I have never read one of those, actually. But this writer is interesting. :tongue:

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