Alien Light: Powered Capitalism [NASA Document]

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    This is a capitalism-critical sci-fi story about the omens related to NASA.

    It's inspired by Outland. I didn't post it in the Writing section because of its political message.

    Signing off (cheers),


    "On October 2, 2000, NASA filed a document describing the emission of a strange glowing green light from the planet Venus. Officials suggested the light was created by an alien intelligence intent on sending some kind of 'invitation' designed to be a death-trap for overly-curious human space-explorers. NASA decided that the aliens were interested in creating a spy-station on Earth's moon, so it was decided that America would build a fortification base-station on the moon to ward off any invading aliens intending to spy on Earth from the moon.

    A mission was created to start building this base-station on the moon. The mission was called Apollo X. Ten astronauts and ten U.S. army personnel were sent to the moon to begin work on the base-station. Apollo X would be a grand expression of American pride in our solar system. However, the complete crew of Apollo X disappeared and never returned from the moon. The U.S. government to date has denied all knowledge of this tragedy/mystery and Apollo X was shuffled into files and forgotten and never disclosed to the public.

    NASA: We really have nothing to say regarding Apollo X.
    CNN: Are you denying that 20 men simply vanished?
    NASA: Their families were told they died while serving.
    CNN: However, there was no information regarding causation.
    NASA: How could we offer information when there was none?
    CNN: Is it possible the crew of Apollo X was abducted (by aliens)?
    NASA: You're free to entertain any theory that suits your purposes!

    Apollo X was forgotten, but one NASA employee named Jim Olsen quit his position at NASA to work on the mission details privately as a civilian investigator/journalist. Olsen spent the next 20 years trying to correlate the disappearance of the crew of Apollo X to the observation of the strange green light emitted from Venus (apparently by an alien intelligence). Olsen sent an anonymous editorial to the Washington Post in which he described the 'known facts' of Apollo X as well as his conjecture that the crew was abducted by the same aliens who emitted the green light.

    OLSEN: I fully believe the crew of Apollo X is still alive.
    POST: Do you think they were taken to Venus?
    OLSEN: I think they were shown the details of the green light.
    POST: Is that why they never returned to Earth?
    OLSEN: Perhaps the price of that knowledge was integration into alien society.
    POST: So now they're 'diplomats' of humanity on the planet inhabited by the aliens?
    OLSEN: That's the theory; it's based on the notion that knowledge is expensive.
    POST: What is the position of the Trump Administration?
    OLSEN: Capitalism makes for only journalism linked to commerce/trends.
    POST: So disclosure is 'hairy'?
    OLSEN: Precisely; no one appreciates poor marketing.
    POST: What do you think is the symbolism of the green light?
    OLSEN: It's a synthetic light I think; representative of some 'immortality.'
    POST: Do you think the Venus aliens bleed like humans?
    OLSEN: They're probably just as 'cunning' as humans.
    POST: So why didn't they make 'normal contact' with humans?
    OLSEN: Maybe they wanted to teach us about 'dangerous curiosity'...
    POST: Oh c'mon, is capitalism/America that superficial?
    OLSEN: Well, modern media invests in gossip and scandals.
    POST: Maybe the crew of Apollo X are being 'edified.'
    OLSEN: That's one hope.

    If the crew of Apollo X really did leave for Venus and never returned, and if the green light emitted by the aliens of Venus was meant to draw in human space-explorers for a diplomacy-declaration, what does this mean for NASA's interests in knowledge-related alien-contact storytelling/news? Can the American media/press afford an 'eerie' story about human disappearances in the reaches of outer-space? What if Americans are overly-obsessed with notions of exploitation?"



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