Alarming increase in homeless families Providence, RI Crossroads Rhode Island

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    Record number of families fill beds at Crossroads

    Updated: Friday, 01 Jun 2012, 6:45 PM EDT
    Published : Friday, 01 Jun 2012, 6:00 PM EDT

    By Walt Buteau

    (WPRI) Providence, RI Crossroads Rhode Island is bursting at the seams with a record number of homeless families filling not only the beds but also the floors.

    “During Memorial Day weekend,” Crossroads President Anne Nolan said. “We were forced to put 11 families in our dining room.”

    Justin Carman, Cassandra Collins and their 4 children are one of the families that is living in what are designed as common areas. They sleep on mats, while Carman looks for a job with hopes to save enough money for an apartment for his family.

    “Every time I call, it's a miss,” Carman said. “They tell me we filled that position already.”

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