Al Qaeda wants us to stay in Iraq...for as long as possible...

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    1) Al Qaeda wants us to stay in Iraq. It’s in their interest. it’s the biggest recruiting poster and tool Bin Laden could ever have imagined. Bin Laden is laughing his ass off, that we invaded and occupied an Arab country ruled by a ruthless, yet secular, dictator.

    2) Al Qaeda isn’t strong in Iraq. Outside of mounting some spectacular bombings, there aren't many of them, and the Iraqis mostly don't like them. There are few foreign fighters in Iraq, and they’ve alienated the shia, and many of the sunni with their indiscriminate bombing of civilians. When we leave, the sunni and shia militias will focus there attention on hunting down and killing foreign arab fighters.

    3) We're largely fighting indigenous sunni and shia militias - who have varying degrees of nationalistic, religious, or sectarian goals within the nation of Iraq, proper. Virtually none of them are thinking about how to bomb a Walmart in Kansas City.

    But, but, but….Won’t Al Qaeda “take over” Iraq if we leave?,0,3818698,full.story?coll=la-home-world

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