Al Gore’s Daughter Writes Global Warming Documentary

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    More doom and gloom from the left - this time from Kristin Gore

    Arctic Tale

    Paramount Vantage release and presentation of a National Geographic production in association with Visionbox Films. (International sales: Paramount Vantage, Los Angeles.) Produced by Adam Leipzig, Keenan Smart. Executive producers, Kevin McCarey, John Bard Manulis. Co-producer, Chris Miller. Directed by Adam Ravetch, Sarah Robertson. Written by Linda Wolverton, Moses Richards, Kristin Gore.

    Paramount Vantage is hoping auds will be as bullish on bears and walruses as they were on "March of the Penguins," although it remains to be seen if they will warm to "Arctic Tale," an expertly assembled docu with an underlying message about multiple species threatened by man's pigheaded behavior. National Geographic imprint ensures the pic will, in any case, have long, healthy life in tube and video preserves.
    Married helmers Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson spent six frigid years following various animals through harrowing seasonal changes, with special focus on a newborn polar bear, Nanu, and a baby walrus, Seela. The anthropomorphism is relentless, as animal communities are mined for their most recognizably human characteristics -- not hard to do, given the outsized personalities of the main subjects.

    Some realistic deaths add a tragic dimension, although there's more emphasis on in-the-wild comedy; when all else fails, a film can always rely on walrus farts for easy giggles.

    Drama is heightened by the undeniably frightening changes in weather patterns over the past few years. Overall effect, regardless of aesthetic quibbles or kudos, is to make auds aware of how imminent the risk is to these environmentally interdependent creatures.

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